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Dynamic Stretching: The proper way to warm up

What is dynamic training?

Dynamic movements recruit the muscles used to help stabilize the entire body.
They can also improve motor skills, coordination, and reaction time.

Holding a stretch for a prolonged period can improve flexibility, but the muscle also becomes accustomed to the new length and reduces signaling to the brain. This results in increased risk for injury.  Because of this, it is safer and more effective to warm up dynamically before exercise.



Why avoid static stretching before exercise?

Research shows that static stretching decreases muscle control and muscle strength up to 9% for 1 hour after stretching.

A dynamic warm-up consists of standing, walking, skipping and jogging. It should occur in all planes of motion and involve all body parts.

This rapid transition from stretching a muscle to contracting (example: jumping) helps to maintain muscle tone and protect the body from injury.

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