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Preventing Aches & Pains: How Can Physical Therapy Be Used As Preventative Care?

Is Physical Therapy Only For People Who Have Been Seriously Injured?

Most people think PT is only relevant when you’re healing from an injury,
however, that is not the case. PT has been found to be beneficial for people of all
age groups and physical activity levels. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the role of Physical
Therapy is becoming more important in preventative medicine. The Affordable Care Act allows
outpatient services to be covered that inclubalance exercisede, preventative and wellness
services, chronic disease management, and rehabilitative services. This new health
care reform law takes an aggressive approach to prevention, based on the continuous research
that shows significant benefits of lifestyle changes and health when people focus more on
prevention, wellness and disease management.

How can PT Be Used As Preventative Care?

Physical Therapy can effectively treat and prevent a number of conditions to help patients return
to, or continue, daily activities without pain. It is not only for athletes or
extremely active people, in fact, it can be used to help build strength, and improve range of
motion, in order to prevent injuries that can be caused by daily activities that involve repetitive
motions i.e. lifting, walking. It can help manage pain, avoid surgery, prevent
injuries, regain original capabilities, maximize movement, improve mobility and balance, even
prevent any problems from getting worse and requiring further treatment. Unfortunately, most
people do not seek help until the problem has become more serious and now they require
medical attention and/or treatment, but this can easily be avoided with Physical Therapy as
early intervention. Direct Access allows individuals to seek our services without a
prescription from a doctor. PT is a cost effective preventative and rehabilitative
treatment option that targets symptoms and prevents the problem from progressing to the point
where it requires more expensive options, like surgery.

Be A Preventative Patient and Prevent Daily Activity/Work Related Aches and Pains
Most preventative patients are looking for ways to keep their bodies functioning properly and
avoid injury. Do you spend all week sitting at a desk, then hit group fitness classes, Crossfit, or
go for long runs/walks over the weekend? If so, you have probably gotten used to pushing past
little tweaks and pains...these can become more serious injuries down the road if not addressed
early on. Rehabilitation as preventative care can often reveal some sort of underlying
dysfunction, like muscle imbalance, extreme tightness or compromised range of motion. The
goal of what we do is to detect problems, and treat them before they can affect your
quality of life and prevent further deterioration and future illness.

What To Expect When Attending your sessions?

We will combine exercises that will strengthen muscles, correct posture, stretches
to improve flexibility and increase range of motion, as well as implement manual therapy to
reduce pain and inflammation, a whole plan of care unique to you will be put together by your
therapist that will help you reach your individualized functional goals. If you are experiencing
any type of pain and would like to prevent it from developing into a more serious condition,
PT may be just what you need.

For any additional information please feel free to contact our office at 201-721-6130.  We have locations in Jersey City, Weehawken and our newest clinic in Hoboken NJ!

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