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Our New Telehealth Program

What is Telemedicine or VirtualPT?

Telemedicine or VirtualPT is an underutilized form of treatment that allows for the virtual communication between patient and therapist to help re-evaluate, manage, and progress a patient's plan of care. Originally, this treatment strategy was designed to help provide treatment for those patients that are in difficult to reach places and/or are home bound. This would allow the therapist to communicate via video or audio with the patient to provide care even if the patient was unable to reach a location to receive treatment. The doctor would then be able to provide education, exercises, and certain other modalities to help manage and progress any diagnosis that was already established.

Now with the development of the pandemic of COVID-19, or the coronavirus, VirtualPT can serve as a treatment strategy for those who are showing symptoms or are afraid to contract the virus. Exchange Physical Therapy Group is now pleased to announce that we are able to offer VirtualPT to patients who desire to continue to receive individualized treatment from their practitioner remotely. We will be able to provide education, exercises and stretches to allow for the management and progression of their plan of care without the fear of contracting the virus and maintaining social isolation precautions.

How can VirtualPT benefit me?

With the recommendations of social distancing and work from home policies we now find ourselves confined to our homes. This coupled with the temporary closure of many gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers it is imperative that we continue to exercise and stay healthy at home. The current pandemic of COVID-19 should not interfere with patients ability to consult with their therapist and receive care integral to their rehabilitation. VirtualPT is able to provide that service from the safety of your own home but you are still able to receive quality 1 on 1 care and education provided by a licensed professional.

In addition,  Telemedicine can be covered by insurance so there would be no added charge for the patient if you qualify. So if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at EPTG to consult with our insurance specialist and your licensed professional so that we are able to continue to provide the best quality care, despite the current situation revolving around COVID-19.

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