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Proper Sleeping Positions

Approximately 80% of the nutrition absorbed within a night's rest occurs within the first hour of rest. It is important to try and fall asleep in the correct ergonomic sleeping position for optimal health benefits.

Sidelying or lying on the back with the knees bent (slightly rounding the back) facilitates healing of the disc. However, the moment you lay on your stomach, it loads the spine restricting the ability for nutrient fluids to flow into the disc.  Therefore, lying on the stomach (prone) is not recommended unless there is a large firm pillow beneath the abdomen to prevent the formation of lordosis.

proper sleeping positions


  • Make sure you sleep with ONE medium size pillow
  • Make sure your mattress is more on the firm side
  • Sleeping on your side while hugging a pillow will position the neck and shoulders in the most optimal sleeping position
  • Placing a pillow between the knees will even out the hips and provide comfort and protection for the low back

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