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Should We Stretch Before or After a Workout?

As the weather is warming up and marathon season is right around the corner, we want you to stay injury-free. At EPTG, we encourage you to try these full range-of-motion exercises to get muscles activated, nerves stimulated and fascia moving.

Research shows that too much stretching before a vigorous physical effort can actually inhibit your performance, so we suggest that you do a few easy moves before your activity and a few more after your run, ride, swim or workout. Later in the day, do a few more.

Single Leg Calf Stretch: Drop your heel off of a step and hold for 30 sec.  To target the deeper calf muscles (Soleus) add a slight bend to the knee and feel the stretch a little lower and a little deeper towards the achilles tendon.

Dynamic Hamstring Stretch: Develops hamstring and low back flexibility: Keep the knee straight and kick the foot upwards while pointing the toe towards the ceiling. Recommended to do 30 reciprocal high kicks.

Piriformis Stretch: Great for Lower back pain, gluteal stretch, hip and hamstrings.  Hug the knee and bring it across the body to the opposite shoulder.  Hold for 30 seconds twice a day on both legs

Figure 4 Stretch: Targeting the deep external rotators of the hip. This stretch great for people who sit at a desk for long hours and is also good for preventing SCIATICA.  Lay on your back and cross the right ankle on top of the left knee.  Gently push the right knee away from you.  Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the opposite side.

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