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The Importance of Balance Training

The Importance of Balance Training

The body’s sense of its position in space, known as proprioception, is crucial to allowing us to walk in the dark without losing balance, walking up and down stairs without falling, and distinguishing between the accelerator and the brake. For athletes, being able to run, walk, kick a soccer ball, or shift and pivot would be impossible without balance. 

Balance training has been shown in research to prevent ankle re-injuries, reduce the risk of ligament problems in athletes, improve mobility and prevent falls and injury from occurring.

 Balance training also helps to reduce the risk of falls in the elderly and in women with low bone mass. It also helps to improve postural stability after a stroke. 

Good balance tends to decrease as you age so it is imperative to start doing simple activities to help keep you are your feet! 

Below are some recommended exercises to improve balance 

  • Try standing on one leg while you brush your teeth! Remember to switch feet every 30 seconds- 1 minute
  • Stand on one leg and close your eyes! Try to maintain your balance for as long as possible. Once you need to put your foot down to steady yourself, or grab hold on something stable, switch feet.
  • Practice sitting down and standing up from a chair without using your hands
  • Practice heel to toe walking (as if you were on a tightrope) placing the heel of one foot in front of the toes of the opposite foot. Do this going forward and backwards!


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