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The Pros & Cons of Cortisone Shots

 Quick Facts About Cortisone Shots:

 Corticosteriods are not pain relievers, they reduce inflammation

 •The injection itself can result in swelling and bruising-immediate icing is recommended

It is recommended to refrain from activity 24-48 hours after the injection
People most commonly receive cortisone shots in joints (hip, knee, shoulder, spine, hand, ankle) as well as muscle tissue
Repeated shots can cause weakening to occur to tendons and even bone
Cortisone shots should not be used in injuries that involve already torn ligaments/tendons
Cortisone injections in diabetics can lead to increased blood sugar levels


Benefits of Cortisone Shots:

Relief from pain and inflammation
Rapid onset of the medications’ action
Minimal side effects
Research has shown for specific injuries, cortisone injections are beneficial with positive results (click on the link to read more)


 Cons of Cortisone Shots:

Injections into a tendon can cause weakening and increase risk of rupture
Soft tissue deterioration can occur after injection
Repeated injections can damage to joint tissue and thinning of cartilage



Cortisone injections have a long history of use in the world of athletics to treat inflammation that resulted from a musculoskeletal trauma. General recommendation for injections include use only after other nonsurgical treatments (ie, exercise, rest, oral anti-inflammatory medications) have failed and only when a specific palpable location of the system source has been identified.

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