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Dr. Amy Kratzer
Physical Therapist

Dr. Amy Kratzer is a staff physical therapist at Exchange Physical Therapy Group. She holds a B.S. in Health Science Studies since 2017 and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree since 2020 – both from the University of Hartford.

During her graduate studies, Dr. Amy completed a variety of clinical rotations at multiple orthopedic clinics, a neurological center, a gait analysis lab, and an acute care hospital. She has experience in treating patients with orthopedic conditions such as neck and low back pain, sports injuries, vertigo, amputations, and neurological disorders. Dr. Amy conducted research on postural control and balance that was published in July 2020.

Dr. Amy is passionate about helping others live better and healthier lives. She uses a patient-centered approach to develop individualized treatment plans with manual therapy skills, specific exercises, and patient education. She works to create a positive and friendly environment for her patients to optimize care and enhance the rehabilitation process.

Clinical Areas of Interest:

– Orthopedic conditions

– Balance disorders

– Sports medicine

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